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All the essentials for your accounting website

We've helped over 650 accountants nationwide establish powerful web design and content to help boopst their business in today's marketplace. Each of BYF's website packages include everything needed to develop and cultivate a successful online presence.

Core Features

These features come standard for every last one of Build Your Firm's website packages.

Built In SEO

We don't charge extra for search engine optimization (SEO) because we believe every website should be easy to locate in the search engines. We take the time to search engine optimize all of our websites to help you improve your search engine rankings, reach more businesses and sell more accounting services.

Search engine optimization doesn't happen overnight. It's an ongoing process that takes time. To help your website generate leads while SEO is being established, we also provide social media integration and email newsletter marketing capabilities so you can generate leads and referrals.

What is search engine optimization for accountants?

Responsive Design and Content

A responsive website experience is becoming increasingly important for accounting firms as smartphone and tablet browing is on the rise. Prospects using mobile devices want information about your firm and your services fast and they want it in a user-friendly, simple to navigate way. If you don't provide that type of mobile-friendly browsing, those prospects are unlikely to stick around.

Every one of BYF's website packages comes with clean professional responsive designs.

What is Responsive Design?

Your mobile-friendly accounting website will feature:

  • A clean and efficient responsive design that adjusts to fit a variety of screens, including Android, iPhone and all tablets
  • A design that adjusts to fit the screen size of the device the prospect is using.
  • Large, easy to use navigation buttons for those clumsy thumbs.
  • A prominent phone number so prospects can reach you by phone immediately.
  • All of the services you offer within a few clicks.

Secure File Transfer

Exchange Large Files With Your Clients Safely

Let's face it, with all the rules and regulations governing the security of your client's sensitive financial data, you should never use email to transfer this kind of data back and forth. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing these files are safe from outsiders, but easily accessible to you and your clients.

So Easy - No Registration or Log In Required

BYF's Secure File Sharing tool allows you to share electronic documents securely and effortlessly (no log in required). This breakthrough file sharing tool enables you to exchange electronic documents without forcing clients to use a username and password. BYF's Secure File Sharing tool provides 256 bit encryption, which is what the banks use, and is compliant with SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, etc. It provides you with audit trail capability and uses SAS 70/SSAE 16 certified data centers. Share sensitive documents efficiently and effortlessly.

Professional Level Websites

As a professional level subscriber with either a Premiere or Niche website, your accounting firm is entitled to up to 3 Employee User Accounts and 1BG of Cloud storage.

The Cloud Vault gives you the ability to set up client folders that you can share among your internal team. With our solution you can limit access to folders and area, bason on who in your office should have access to view information. The solution is flexible and easy to set up.

Platinum Level Websites

As a platinum level subscriber with either a Premier or Niche website you accounting firm is entitled to several additional file sharing features. Up to 7 Employee User Accounts and Up to 4GB of Cloud Vault Storage.