Program Reviews

William Hellmann
thank you an excellent program! i learned much

Joshua Dixon
Gave me some great ideas that I hadn't thought about before this webinar.

Margaret Dalley-johns
Very informative and to the point. I really learned a lot from the presentation!

Teddy Decker
This was a very informative webinar. The materials and speakers were very good and I learned a lot. As an accountant marketing does not come naturally for me so I like getting good advice from others that know marketing and especially targeted toward accountants.

Catherine Sommer Cichocki
Enjoyed the program very much. Learned much more about developing a niche and how niche marketing can benefit my business. Thank you.

Herschel Omohundro
There are some good ideas to make a prctice more efficient and profitable.

Mike Manoloff
Process makes it much easier to take action and get the results that are needed. Relevant as to what is needed and has practical use.

Bob Kilkenny
I love these webinars. Keep them coming.

Martin Budinick
I thought all info presented in a logical and decisive manner...very well organized and directed. I would rate it 5 stars except that for me it was pretty basic...I have been following the "plan" for a number of years. What I did take away from the presentation is that I am not charging enough for my services and the rationale for my decision as to whether I accept a new client or not. These two items made my day...thank you! On second thought...I have changed my rating to 5 stars!

Patrick Roberts
I've attended a few of these webinars and I've learned a great deal at every one! Every speaker has been in business for a great length of time so the experiences and stories they bring really ad credibility to the knowledge they share!

Scott Mousseau
The program was very informative and included items that I had not considered with my up and coming practice. I'll be incorporating a few components of your information into my advertising/referrals. Thank you,

Bob Kilkenny
Excellent as always. I take away something new and valuable every time I attend one of these.

Julianne Gillespie
Great way to systematically do marketing.

Gerald Hoffman
I took many notes during the webinar. I thought you talked about a niche that every accountant needs to find. Excellent. Also, the examples were easy to understand, and were true examples. Keep up the practical seminars that apply to most accountants.

Frank Haarlander
Another excellent webinar presented by BYF. Not only does BYF offer great tools, but they take the time to make sure that its clients know how to use those tools. Can't say enough good things about your presentations and overall program!!!

Lucille Booker
Excellent presenter. Very valuable information was shared during the webinar. Audio was clear and the program was easy to follow and understand.

Eden Wagner
I have to admit I was expecting just a generic webinar with information I've read and heard a lot but this was actually really informative and inspiring. Thanks!

Jeremy Zavisch
I found the webinar interesting and helpful. I think the speaker made the concepts seem doable. I like that the speaker actually practices all the concepts in his own practice. I like it when there is a real world examples and not just theory.

Karl Nebeker
I thought the information in the program on using Incorporation Services to gain Long-term Clients was quite good. While I've offered Incorporation Services for a number of years, the program gave me some new insights and ideas on how to use these services. One thing I particularly liked was the discussion on Registered Agent services. I had not considered that as a service to market, but can see how that could be another valuable strategy for obtaining long-term clients. I thought the program was very good overall. I would have liked some more information about how to advertise and market the services - what methods and strategies work best.

Jay Lankford
I am just getting started with the Build Your Firm Program. I learned quite a bit about things I can do through the program, News Letters, mailing lists, file transfer and such. Not sure what all I will be using right off but look forward to experimenting! I am sure I will have some questions but I know who to call. Thanks, Jay

Brandon Lehrmann
Allan Ratafia, and the Build Your Firm (BYF) team provide accounting and tax professionals with valuable marketing ideas at absolutely no cost; and they don't hold back. The BYF Marketing program is worth every penny, and they are giving you insight into their marketing genius absolutely free in these webinars. Plus, free CPE! Attending a BYF webinar is an hour well spent.

Jeff Terry
Very informative and on point!

Antonio Chase
It was good learning more about SEO as well as the benefits of asking clients to review our services. It has piqued my interests and I plan to do more with my web presence so I may improve my rankings.

Patricia Fleggas
The programs offered provide a wealth of information on marketing and building an accounting practice.

Jeff Williams
It was very informative and I can see were customer reviews will make your business double or triple in size.

Rosemary Klarkowski-lucas

Rene Fletcher
I have been trying to determine if I should start my own accounting practice. This is one of the first webinars, in which I've attended, that was informative and helpful.

Rodney Sanford
Excellent webinar! I really liked Allan's comment, "If you don't ask, you don't get."

Joseph Calderon
Excellent speaker very knowledgeable. Sad how many CPA's know nothing about how to own, market or run their own business. I did enjoy reinforcing all that I already know and do. Thank you.

Herschel Omohundro
The webinar brought out a lot of excellent ideas to maximize return on your investment. Communicate to clients, newsletter, competitive advantage, positive reviews. Ask the best clients for a review. By communicating you will show the client that you value them and that they are important to you! Proacitve instead of reactive Don't be afraid of the bad reviews. Do not let an unhappy client go away unhappy if you can avoid it. Timing of reviews is important.

Anita Mize
Very useful information. Instructor was good at keeping it interesting and providing suggestions. Thank you!

Carlos Fernandez
Excellent presentation, presenters spoke clearly, with knowledge of the subject manner, and right to the point(s), good use of examples, etc.

Dawna Berlin
I enjoyed the Webinar and the information I received. A little overwelming when you are a one person office and doing everything. But I did pick up some good points Thank You

Sarah Fleenor
I was very pleased with the content of the program.

Purity Bowen
The program has some very good information and ideas that sound like they will work. I'm going to try some of the ideas out.

Cathy Macchietto
Always learn a lot at your webinars.

Jeff Terry
Very well done as always - a lot of very logical points presented in an easy to understand manner. Very helpful to those CPAs working in their own firms.

Christine Metcalf
Very good suggestions that I will probably use right away.

Amy Johnson
very informative

Robert Quaye
It was practical and informative, which clearly provided some direction. It is obvious that Niche building is the way forward, for which the webinar helped to sharpen the focus

Kenneth Yeutter
The information was timely and relevant. The presentation was easy to follow.

Gary Williams
Excellent seminar. I always ask for referrals but maybe I need to be a liitle more agressive in doing so. Learned some new ideas from the seminar.

Angela Burke
Direct, informative, and good pace

Jeff Williams
The best 45 minute webinar that I have ever been on. I see how I can bill out at $200 to $300 per hour. I can't wait to put this into practice.

Ed Cooper
Technology used for the seminar was great. And that's good to know, especially if a chunk of your business is giving webinars for a fee. In contrast, I know what it's like to view a tax CPE webinar when the technology is cheesy. Info was all great. I like Allan's phrasing of what works for him and his BYF customers, but still respects that what works for other CPA firms could possibly be a little different.

Rosemary Klarkowski-lucas
You always bring New Ideas to what we do. Always thinking we are doing it right until we Listen to what you have to say. Excellent Information to have. Enjoy taking your classes.

Kelley Nanna
I appreciate the thoughtful tips, ideas, sharing what works and what doesn't. Suggested pricing and time involved, potential questions to ask, are all things that many training sessions will not even approach!

Ron Bryan
Not only was the webinar excellent, but the service after was outstanding. I am excited about presenting this information to our companies partners next week. Great job!

Karl Nebeker
The discussion on niche marketing and the power point slides were excellent. I also greatly appreciated the case studies presented as this gave a better idea of how to implement the concepts that had been discussed.