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Logo Library For Accountants

When you choose a Build Your Firm website, we take pride in creating a site that reflects your brand, this includes incorporating a well-designed logo. If you don't already have a logo, we have a library of pre-made logos you can choose from for free.

Logos can be personalized with your name, tagline, and colors

Logo 24

Logo 23

Logo 22

Logo 21

Logo 20

Logo 19

Logo 18

Logo 17

Logo 16

Logo 15

Logo 14

Logo 13

Logo 12

Logo 11

Logo 10

Logo 9

Logo 8

Logo 7

Logo 6

Logo 5

Logo 4

Logo 3

Logo 2

Logo 1

Want a more custom look?

No problem! We offer custom logo design. Work with one of our in-house graphic designers to create a logo that is unique to your firm. Learn more about our custom logos here.

Our designer can work with you to develop a custom logo that reflects your vision for your accounting practice for a one time fee of $250. If you're not sure if you need a custom logo, you can discuss this with your Website Consultant once the website development process begins and add it to your order.