Online Payments without the card fees: PLUS automated reviews.

Get paid & boost your web presence automatically! BizPayO lets you get paid faster, avoid card processing fees, and capture automated reviews from your customers after each payment. Grow your business with BizPayO.

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Get Paid at Zero Net Cost

Accept credit cards at no cost while also accepting payments via eCheck/ACH.

Instant Client Engagements

Send out engagements, get payment authorization and setup recurring billing.

Automatic Sync to QuickBooks

Automatically sync all of your credit card and ACH payments to QuickBooks.

Get Paid Faster with Mobile Payments.

Get your own branded payment portal. Get paid faster.

What is Cash Flow Optimization?

Cash flow optimization means going from little to no control over your cash flow process to a fully optimized cash flow experience. It means simplifying everything from how you engage new clients all the way through getting payment confirmed in your bank account.

The value of BizPayO is helping businesses get from a basic "Level 1" business to an optimized "Level 3" business as follows:

Level 1
No Cash Flow Optimization

Has an accounting system in place but no online one-time or recurring payments capability, no ability to recover fees, no customer engagements linked to payments and no automatic transactions synchronization to accounting software.

Level 2
Basic Cash Flow Optimization

Has an accounting system in place, accepts basic electronic payments, no fee recovery, no customer engagement linked to payments, no automatic transactions synced to accounting software.

Level 3
Cash Flow Optimized

Has an accounting system in place, has electronic one-time and recurring payments capability, ability to recover fees, customer engagements linked to payments, and automatic transactions synced to accounting software.

Insider Pricing for Build Your Firm Website Clients

FREE for Professional Website Subscribers
  • Fee Recovery with Upcharge Technology™
  • Accept charge cards + eCheck/ACH
  • Recurring Payments & Engagements*
  • Enhanced Funding and Batching Payments

*Up to 5 recurring payments and 5 engagements

FREE for Platinum Website Subscribers
  • All PRE-OPTIMIZED features included
  • UNLIMITED Recurring Payments & Engagements
  • Quickbooks Sync*
  • Multiple User Access

*Must sync a minimum of $4,000/mo, otherwise $19/mo for QB Sync

$19/mo for All Website Subscribers Earn cash-back in excess of $33.33/mo
normally $49/mo
  • All SEMI-OPTIMIZED features included
  • Cash Back for High Volume
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Earn up to $600 cash back yearly
"Revenue and income is up 40% YTD, BizPayO a big help. Overall, I am very happy to be able to offer these payment options to my clients, I think it leaves a favorable impression with clients and is a huge improvement as I was using Paypal for all credit card transactions."

Jon Bell (BizPayO customer since 2015)

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* If you are a Build Your Firm website customer, you get a discount on BizPayO, so make sure to
come back here to get your insider pricing for BizPayO when you sign up.

BizPayO FAQs

Click here and enter your username and password. Your username is the email address that you signed up with. You can always click to reset your password in the event you can’t remember it.

Yes, it is very secure. BizPayO™ Payment Portal is hosted on an encrypted server by a 256 bit secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. When someone goes to the payment area, they are immediately directed to the https version of the site. This ensures that all communication will go through the Secure Socket Layer and therefore all communication is encrypted as it passes through the internet.

BizPayO™ Payment Portal is not storing any of the financial data.

Yes. The electronic application only 1-2 minutes. We have no involvement in the underwriting process. Some accounts may not be approved.

BizPayO (Business Payments Online) is designed for service businesses who want to accept electronic payments but don’t want to absorb all the processing fees themselves. It allows you to recover 3rd party processing fees when accepting electronic payments (charge card and eCheck). If BizPayO is used correctly, it should cost you little to nothing to accept electronic payments. This can translate into thousands or tens of dollars in annual savings.

BizPayO allows you to recover 3rd party processing fees by presenting a unique e-payment page to your customers which encourages rapid payments to you. If you already accept electronic payments, BizPayO allows you to recover the 3rd party fees. This technology allows you to control the amount of fees you want to recover by setting either a surcharge or convenience fee for charge card payments.

So you no longer have to absorb all the 3rd party processing fees that you are paying to your charge card processing company now. This can translate into thousands or tens of dollars in annual savings. BizPayO provides the technology that allows you to recover these fees by setting either a surcharge or convenience fee for charge card payments. BizPayO works best when used in conjunction with accepting eCheck on the same e-payment page as charge card.

If used properly, all costs shown below will be recovered using the BizPayO technology.

Credit Card = 2.99%

(able to charge a convenience fee or surcharge to recover costs)

ACH/eCheck = .89%

Monthly Fee:
$0/month if you have a Build Your Firm website
$27.99/month as a stand-alone service.

The moment a customer pays you, you will be notified via email. Funds from that payment will hit your account within payment industry guidelines, typically 2-3 days for charge card, 4-6 days for eCheck.

Yes. We will provide you with a secure payment link which you will use to get paid. You can use this link on your website, in emails and with your billing software. You should use this all the time to reduce old accounts receivable and to get paid quickly on current work. Our training videos will show you how to set this up easily.

Yes. It will take you about 4-5 minutes to complete the electronic application. We will then confirm receipt and remain in touch during the underwriting process, which typically takes 3 business days. Once that is complete we will provide you with access credentials and training so you can easily set it up correctly.