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About BizPayO

BizPayO is a payment processing tool that allows you to get paid faster and inexpensively & at $0 net cost. It is designed for accountants, by accountants. With BizPayO, your processing costs will drop and you'll have more control over getting paid faster.

You have multiple payment choices. Get paid by credit card -with convenience/surcharge fee chargeback capability. Get paid by electronic banking (ACH) - the best option. Get paid by wire transfer - great for international clients.

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Features and Benefits of BizPayO™

  • Our Upcharge Technology™ means $0 cost to you *Convenience fee/chargeback capability - recoup up to 100% of charge card costs.

  • Accept charge cards & ACH One system for eCheck/ACH, credit cards and bank wires.

  • One Branded payment page with your firm logo - assures client confidence.

  • Get paid BEFORE releasing Tax Returns - Collect aged receivables faster

  • Recurring billing and one-time payments on Credit Card & ACH

  • Specialized "Pay Now" link to embed in your emails, signatures, billing software and website - for rapid payments.

  • Easy for you - Easy for your customers - Click & Pay

  • Low transaction fees, no renewal or cancellation fees.

  • Seasonal suspension available.

  • Safe and Secure (PCI-DSS compliant)

  • But wait, how can you get paid by credit cards and debit cards for 0%?

    That's the magic of BizPayO™. We charge you 2.99% and our Upcharge Technology™ allows you to recover your card processing cards (most add 3% to recover 100%).

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    BizPayO™ Application Process

    BizPayO, is available as a standalone product or is free with a BYF Website at our Platinum Hosting Level.

    • BizPayO Standalone

    • Is available for a $19.99 monthly fee plus transaction fees (which are recoverable with our technology)

    • Once approved, we will provide you with a unique payment link which you can use on your website, emails and billing software so your customers can rapidly pay you.

    • BizPayO™ with a Website

    • Is free at our Platinum Hosting Level for a Premier, Niche or Custom website.

    • Benefits of a Platinum upgrade include: 1 Year Guaranteed ROI, Upgraded File Sharing. Learn more.

    If you are already at the Platinum Hosting Level, you can click Complete Application (no additional fee)

    The underwriting department at Authorize.Net and 3rd party providers Zift make all approval or decline decisions. Build Your Firm has no input on these underwriting decisions.

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    BizPayO FAQs

    Yes, it is very secure. BizPayO™ Payment Portal is hosted on an encrypted server by a 256 bit secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. When someone goes to the payment area, they are immediately directed to the https version of the site. This ensures that all communication will go through the Secure Socket Layer and therefore all communication is encrypted as it passes through the internet.

    BizPayO™ Payment Portal is not storing any of the financial data.

    Yes. The electronic application only 1-2 minutes. We have no involvement in the underwriting process. Some accounts may not be approved.

    BizPayO (Business Payments Online) is designed for service businesses who want to accept electronic payments but don’t want to absorb all the processing fees themselves. It allows you to recover 3rd party processing fees when accepting electronic payments (charge card and eCheck). If BizPayO is used correctly, it should cost you little to nothing to accept electronic payments. This can translate into thousands or tens of dollars in annual savings.

    BizPayO allows you to recover 3rd party processing fees by presenting a unique e-payment page to your customers which encourages rapid payments to you. If you already accept electronic payments, BizPayO allows you to recover the 3rd party fees. This technology allows you to control the amount of fees you want to recover by setting either a surcharge or convenience fee for charge card payments.

    So you no longer have to absorb all the 3rd party processing fees that you are paying to your charge card processing company now. This can translate into thousands or tens of dollars in annual savings. BizPayO provides the technology that allows you to recover these fees by setting either a surcharge or convenience fee for charge card payments. BizPayO works best when used in conjunction with accepting eCheck on the same e-payment page as charge card.

    If used properly, all costs shown below will be recovered using the BizPayO technology.

    Credit Card = 2.99%

    (able to charge a convenience fee or surcharge to recover costs)

    ACH/eCheck = .89%

    The moment a customer pays you, you will be notified via email. Funds from that payment will hit your account within payment industry guidelines, typically 2-3 days for charge card, 4-6 days for eCheck.

    Yes. We will provide you with a secure payment link which you will use to get paid. You can use this link on your website, in emails and with your billing software. You should use this all the time to reduce old accounts receivable and to get paid quickly on current work. Our training videos will show you how to set this up easily.

    Yes. It will take you about 4-5 minutes to complete the electronic application. We will then confirm receipt and remain in touch during the underwriting process, which typically takes 3 business days. Once that is complete we will provide you with access credentials and training so you can easily set it up correctly.