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One Year Return on Investment Guarantee

BYF’s Platinum Level Websites provide you with a one year money back guarantee. Simply said, we guarantee that you will acquire more new business than your website investment over one year. If not, we will refund your investment with BYF.

The guarantee includes the following:

1. All upfront design fees and monthly hosting fees

2. All blog fees (if you order a blog)

3. BYF campaign management fees for PPC and Retargeting advertising (optional, excludes Google's advertising fees)

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The ROI guarantee is only available on new Platinum websites and can not be a replacement for an existing website. To qualify, you will need to document the source of leads coming into your office and inform BYF after the six (6) month and nine (9) month intervals so corrective action can be taken if necessary. The ROI guarantee is not available on Professional level websites. Excludes third party fees.

To back up our powerful web design capabilities, we offer this one year guarantee so you can be aggressive marketing your practice without the risk.

Nobody else in the accounting industry offers a money back guarantee!

If you are serious about lead generation, Build Your Firm offers the best approach and guarantees results.

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