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Websites for Accountants – Amazing Sale

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Critical Things Your Website Should Accomplish

Your website should be playing a bigger role in your accounting practice and helping you become more productive.  Here are the critical tasks that your website should accomplish:

Websites for Accountants

1. Secure document exchange – Your website should make it easy to exchange electronic documents with your clients using 256 bit encryption at all times.

2. Receive payments from your clients – Your website should accept ACH and credit card processing, thus reducing your accounts receivable.

3. Branding – The photography, colors, and content on your website should create an impression which is easy to remember and pulls together what your firm stands for.

4. Easy to locate in Google, Bing and Yahoo – While your placement within the search engine changes daily, your website should be relatively easy to locate on all three search engines.

5.  Reputation management – Your website should provide a tool for posting online reviews and improving your online reputation in Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and

6.  Email newsletter – Your email newsletter should be easy to send out regularly and be interesting enough to read.  It should provide a blend of what’s going on with your practice and educate clients on financial matters.

7. Integrate third party tools – Your website should integrate third party Saas applications so clients can easily log onto the software program(s) they need.  Ideally, this should be on the home page of your website.  Whether it’s payroll or some cloud hosted software program, logging into the appropriate program should be quick and painless.

8. Birthday wishes – Just like your email newsletter, your website should be able to send out electronic birthday wishes and provide that soft touch automatically.

9. Mobile websites – Your website should provide a mobile friendly layout.

These are just some of the things you should expect from your website to become more productive.  If your website can’t accomplish these tasks, please contact Build Your Firm today.