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Transportation Accounting – Often Overlooked Expertise

In uncertain economic times, every advantage counts.

TruckingThat’s why savvy transportation businesses are searching to work with CPA Firms that specialize within the broader transportation industry.  That’s right, all aspects ranging from trains, trucks, boats, airplanes, couriers, freight forwarders and intermodal containers.  And as you might suspect, the accounting and tax rules for maritime accounting are radically different than aviation and rail and trucking.  And often, manufacturing and distribution companies are using various combinations of transportation carriers to squeeze costs out of the system.

With legislative changes around the corner, it pays to align yourself with the best regional CPA Firm that focuses on transportation accounting.

Transportation CPA Accounting

Shipping ContainersGraber & Associates is a CPA Firm focused on providing accounting and tax solutions for manufacturing and logistics firms using various combinations of transportation.

  • Cargo consolidators
  • Freight forwarders
  • LTLs
  • Ports
  • Truckload companies
  • Bus, shuttle and taxi fleets
  • Boat marinas and maritime freight providers

To learn more, contact the Transportation CPA team at Graber & Associates.

Acquiring More Leads for Transportation Accounting Services

James Castaldo CPA and Associates wants more leads from transportation related businesses in the NY metro area and Long Island.  While some aspects of this niche are not sexy like limos, trucks and taxis, other parts like marinas and jets are.  To pull this all together, James asked Build Your Firm to help him creates a niche across most of the transportation accounting sector.

In researching this niche, we recommended that James target four subsegments:  Transportation Acctg niche

Maritime Accounting

Aviation Accounting

Trucking and Distribution Center Accounting

Limos, Taxis and Passenger Accounting

Given the dense population in the New York City and Long Island along with a more diverse transportation system, he is now seeking to acquire more clients in each of these areas.  He has clients already in each area but the depth and quantity need to increase so he can expand his practice aggressively.

In addition to this website, James also has a generalist website along with two other niche websites, Restaurants and QuickBooks accounting.

Call Build Your Firm if you’d like to dial up your marketing and lead generation this season at 888-999-9800 x1.