Strength Training for Accountants

Strength T2Just like a fitness nut requires various techniques and novel approaches to perform at their best, accountants need strength training as well to constantly raise the bar and strive to become the best provider for their niche audience.

Developing a niche within your accounting practice requires new ideas from industry thought leaders, shared best practices, and a motivational push to take your team to the next level.  That’s right, doing more of the same does not cut it in a competitive marketplace.

For example, Build Your Firm is hosting a Dental CPA Summit in San Diego immediately after tax season and fourteen (14) CPA Firms will be attending from all over the country.  The keynote speaker will be the largest dental law firm in the country providing updates on legal matters impacting the dental industry.  Another speaker will be a Dental CPA Firm sharing the techniques they have developed to create a robust network that feeds a steady flow of dental leads to his practice year around.  And another speaker will cover a software program to support profit coaching techniques.  The collective goal is that we want each of these accounting firms to become the best coaches for their dental clients locally because we fundamentally believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  If you want to become a Dental CPA Coach, visit the Dental Accounting Association.

My point is that to become the best in your local market, you need to constantly learn new techniques, build a little muscle, and be pushed outside of your comfort zone on things you would never try on your own.  The process for strengthening your niche is a combination of mental enrichment, muscle building, and experimenting with some new techniques.  Just do it!