CPA Accounting Firms for Lawyers and Attorneys

Law Firm 2Just like there are all kinds of law firms and specialties, the same applies to the CPA Firms.  There are generalists and then there are specialists who provide additional expertise to law firms.  Below are examples of CPA Accounting Firms that focus on the legal industry and provide additional guidance to

Law Firm Accounting and IOLTA Compliance – Maryland CPA – Graber and Associates – Graber and Associates has operated since 1993.  They have two offices locations to better service lawyers throughout Baltimore, Annapolis and greater Maryland.

Law Firm Accounting – New York City CPA – Mark Feinsot CPA services law firms throughout the Tri-State region of New York.  They have two offices in New York City.  Mark has been a CPA for over twenty years.

Law Firm Accounting – Chicago – 1st Chicago Accounting services law firms throughout Chicago.  They have three office locations to conveniently service busy law firms.

More examples of law firm accounting websites designed by Build Your Firm.

Law Firm3

Church Accounting Firms

Church Acctg3While most CPA Accounting Firms tend to avoid churches and non-profit organizations, there are benefits to developing this area of expertise.  First, there is less competition in your immediate area so your marketing area becomes broader geographically.  Second, the depth of services that you provide become more advanced after you acquire enough.  And third, you start to generate more referrals.

CPA for Churches and Ministries – Florida – Sizemore & Associates provides accounting and outsourced controllership for churches, parochial schools and faith-based colleges throughout Florida and Georgia.



CPA Accounting for Churches and Ministry – Michigan – Strategic Accounting and Tax Solutions provides church accounting and outsourced controllership for churches, non-profit schools and faith-based organizations.


More examples of Church Accounting websites designed by Build Your Firm.

Church Acctg4

Real Estate Accounting and Tax – Hot Sector

Real Estate - S PorterOver the past couple of years, the real estate sector has become one of the best sectors for accountants.  That’s right, the availability of inventory coupled with low interest rates has helped has resulted in steady grow.

By real estate, we are referring to property management and leveraging the tax benefits for owner operators.  In other words, commercial property to apartment complexes to upscale student housing to developers.

Below are a small sampling of accounting firms providing additional expertise for property management and the broader real estate industry.

Northern California Real Estate CPA Accounting – San Francisco

Southern California Real Estate CPA Accounting – Los Angeles

Southern California Real Estate CPA Accounting – Orange County CA

Florida Real Estate CPA Accounting – Orlando

Florida Real Estate CPA Accounting – Jacksonville

Florida Real Estate CPA Accounting – Pensacola

Maryland Real Estate Accounting – Baltimore

Chicago Real Estate Accounting – Chicago IL

New York City Real Estate CPA Accounting

North Carolina CPA Real Estate Accounting – Raleigh NC

Real Estate Acctg - Rosson


Free Webinar – Social Media Posting

social-mediaSocial Media Posting Webinar – Join us on Dec 15th at 12pm EST. This webinar is for DIYers who want to post content onto LinkedIn and other social media outlets in the months ahead. It assumes that you have a BYF website.
The BYF content library has 350 pre-written articles available to push onto social media.  That’s right, professionally written articles that save you tons of time.   Learn how this time saving tool enables you to quickly post tips and articles at no extra cost.
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Multiple Website Marketing for Accountants

About 10-15 years ago, you would win the website marketing race with your primary website.  Heck, it worked well and the return on investment (ROI) was a no brainer.  One website that was search engine optimized would work across a wide variety of keyword searches.

As more accountants eventually caught on, it became more challenging to stay ahead of the curve and still get more than your fair share of website leads.  That’s when the general public became aware of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising.  The ROI was still very attractive but you had to spend more to acquire the same number of leads.

Today, it is harder and harder for a single (primary) website to be placed towards the top of the search engine results pages for all of the services you provide.  And if you operate in multiple geographic markets, it is even harder to be towards the top because your message to the search engines is more complex and less clear.

As more accounting firms have integrated blogs, social media, pay per click advertising, retargeting advertising and reputation management, it has become more difficult to dominate the online lead generation game.

So what is the solution?

While there is no single solution, many savvy accounting firms have deployed a multiple website strategy to obtain dominate search engine placement for their practice and to create that aha moment that business owners seek (someone that understands and works with businesses like theirs).  Some accountants will deploy a generalist approach (e.g., we do it all) focused on their primary location and complement it with a couple niche websites.

In the example below, we developed a generalist website for the Los Angeles CPA Firm and then designed two separate websites which utilize video for the industry niches, dental accounting and real estate accounting.

Here are a couple examples:

rosson-main2Los Angeles CPA Firm – Sole practitioner – Woman-owned located on Wilshire Boulevard

For the small business owner searching for a CPA Firm located in a certain area, this approach works well.  However, one size does not fit all people searching on the internet.

Dental CPA Firm in Los Angeles – Tax, accounting and benchmarking for dental practices.


For the dental practice owner who thinks their business is complicated and a generalist can possibly service their world, this website focuses on all types of dentists from orthodontists to pediatric dentistry to endodontists and periodontists.

Real Estate CPA Firm in Los AngelesProperty management and tax compliance.


This website focuses on property management, commercial real estate and real estate investor groups who want to leverage the tax laws to minimize their tax obligations.


If you are serious about website marketing and would like to generate more than your fair share of leads from the internet, then you should develop an aggressive multiple website marketing tactic to improve your lead generation.  The costs are insignificant relative to the value of obtaining more small business clients.

Why More Accountants Should Be Blogging

blog-and-seo-2All business owners love inbound marketing when it works effectively because it brings motivated prospects to our front door.  However, we hate the work required to get the end results.

The fact is that prospects for your accounting services search online for solutions to their problems.  To become the firm (or person) best suited to solve their complex issues, you need to create a presence on the internet which motivates the prospect to call you.  In other words, all roads direct them back to your firm, or you.

Blogging first started in the late 1990s as a unique way for people to share ideas, experiences, thoughts and opinions.  Today, everyone from mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies utilize blogs to increase their visibility online, improve their reputation, develop a following, and generate new business.

Here are the reasons why having a blog integrated into your website is imperative.

  1. “Google says” – Google rewards website owners for providing unique content by elevating your website in the search engine results pages. They especially like blogs because the content is easier to index and is date stamped so they know how fresh or old it is.
  2. Showcase your unique talents – A blog is a wonderful platform to demonstrate your knowledge base for a boutique type of service and create a following. Rather than blog about general accounting and tax related topics, which are too broad, we recommend that you narrow the range by developing a niche within your accounting practice, have a niche website developed around that niche service, and then add a blog within the niche website.  By narrowing the range of topics and constraining the subject matter, you can now laser focus on blogging about your expertise.
  3. Build trust and create a brand identity – Now that you have a niche website along with a themed blog to support it, the stage has been set to create an identity and establish trust. The next challenge is to write 3-4 blog posts per month which help your followers and demonstrate the depth of your expertise.  If you do this successfully, you will eventually create an identity as a subject matter expert who prospects reach out to when they need help.
  4. Generate more leads – Blogging is a core component of inbound marketing. You can use social media outlets like Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook to drive prospects to your blog, thus creating more opportunities for new client acquisition.

Order a Yelp Window Sticker (or label)

Yelp LabelIf you hate asking clients for online reviews and referrals, then consider ordering a Yelp sticker.  It’s dirt cheap and easy to do online.

Go to Google and enter “shop for Yelp reviews sticker” or “shop for Yelp reviews label.”

With tax season around the corner, just do it now.

Avoid Major Compliance Issues – Sending Personal Info by Email

All tax, accounting and CPA firms, regardless of size, must comply with The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (aka – GLBA). The legislation was designed to protect personal financial information and applies to CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax preparers.

Accounting firms and tax preparers must comply with all three:

1. Ensure the security and confidentiality of their client’s information
2. Protect against any anticipated threats or hazards.
3. Protect against unauthorized access to or use of such information.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

• Civil and criminal penalties.
• Fines up to $100,000 per violation.

How Build Your Firm can help you:

• Secure File Sharing tool is part of your website – 256 bit encryption (bank grade, higher than most portal services which tend to be 128 bit)
• Our proprietary tool is easier to use than traditional portals
• No “I forgot my password” phone calls

If you or your staff sends out a unprotected (unencrypted) tax return, K1, or QuickBooks file, that violates GLBA provisions.

Build Your Firm’s secure file sharing tool encrypts inbound and outbound electronic documents.

Websites for Accountants – Risk Free Offer

If your website is looking dated and in need of a face lift, then here’s an offer that you can’t refuse.  There is no risk to you.  In fact, we provide a one (1) year money back satisfaction guarantee.

ROI Guarantee PC - Oct 15Here are key reasons to order today:

1. 1 Year ROI Money Back Guarantee – We guarantee that you will acquire more new business over 1 year than your total investment with BYF.

2. Responsive Web Design – Our websites are mobile friendly and responsive to work in all devices.

3. SEO – All BYF websites are search engine optimized.  We don’t charge extra for this like everyone else.

4. Secure File Exchange (bank grade security) – Our Secure File Exchange tool provides 256k encryption and is easier to use than portals.  And, we eliminate those annoying “I forgot my password” phone calls during tax season.

5. Get Paid Faster – Our BizPayO tool provides you with control over getting paid and lowers AR.

6. Email Newsletter – Eight articles per month are provided.  Easy to use.

7. No Annual Contracts – We provide you with month-to-month flexibility.  If don’t like our work, fire us at any time.  No penalty.

Nobody else in the accounting industry provides you with a money back guarantee.  Take our risk free offer.

Here are more details on our website tools and features.  Check out our gallery and view real websites that we’ve developed.

Most Powerful Websites - ROI Guarantee

Marijuana Accounting Niche – Not Lookin’ Good

RICOWhile more and more states are legalizing marijuana, the opponents of this trend are using civil lawsuits and threats of the RICO Act to blunt the growth of this business.  Essentially, this novel strategy is designed to use federal racketeering lawsuits to stop all parties associated with a marijuana business from doing business.

The 1970 RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act was designed to combat criminal enterprises like the mob.  It was loosely designed, provides triple monetary damages but never intended for this usage.  In this situation, the federal RICO Act is being used by a Washington DC anti-drug group to enforce the federal drug law and position marijuana business as an organized crime that is illegal under federal law.  In this particular case, the anti-pot group bringing the lawsuit went after not just the Colorado pot shop but it also included all businesses associated with this business.

In a nutshell, marijuana opponents are using the RICO Act to stop the entire pot industry by going after all vendors associated with the industry.  With all of the niches available to grow your accounting practice, this does not appear to be viable at this time.

Economist article                                                   FindLaw article