CPA Accounting Firms for Dentists

Strength Training for Accountants

Strength T2Just like a fitness nut requires various techniques and novel approaches to perform at their best, accountants need strength training as well to constantly raise the bar and strive to become the best provider for their niche audience.

Developing a niche within your accounting practice requires new ideas from industry thought leaders, shared best practices, and a motivational push to take your team to the next level.  That’s right, doing more of the same does not cut it in a competitive marketplace.

For example, Build Your Firm is hosting a Dental CPA Summit in San Diego immediately after tax season and fourteen (14) CPA Firms will be attending from all over the country.  The keynote speaker will be the largest dental law firm in the country providing updates on legal matters impacting the dental industry.  Another speaker will be a Dental CPA Firm sharing the techniques they have developed to create a robust network that feeds a steady flow of dental leads to his practice year around.  And another speaker will cover a software program to support profit coaching techniques.  The collective goal is that we want each of these accounting firms to become the best coaches for their dental clients locally because we fundamentally believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  If you want to become a Dental CPA Coach, visit the Dental Accounting Association.

My point is that to become the best in your local market, you need to constantly learn new techniques, build a little muscle, and be pushed outside of your comfort zone on things you would never try on your own.  The process for strengthening your niche is a combination of mental enrichment, muscle building, and experimenting with some new techniques.  Just do it!

Dental CPA Summit in San Diego – Speakers Announced

Immediately after tax season, the Dental Accounting Association will host a Dental CPA Summit in San Diego, CA on April 21, 2017.  The educational workshop will provide Dental Accounting Association members with legislative updates AAO Annualand dental practice management coaching insights to improve our collective capabilities for the dental industry.  On April 22nd to 25th, the Dental Accounting Association will also have a booth at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual show which is expected to attract 15,000 orthodontists.

Z - Bassim headshotBassim Michael, CPA will be our first featured speaker covering best practices for dental practice coaching.  Bassim Michael is the owner of Only for Dentists which has been providing dental practice accounting, tax planning and profit improvements services for over ten years.  Within California, Bassim frequently speaks to dentists on topics ranging from retirement planning, business valuation and various other dental topics.

P WoodOur keynote speaker will be Patrick Wood, founder of the largest dental law firm in the United States, Wood & Delgado, servicing over 5,000 dentists.  Patrick has been helping dentists for over 35 years with emphasis on dental transitions, lease reviews, partnership agreements, and related dental transactions.  Patrick is a frequent speaker at dental conventions, dental societies and dental schools.  Currently, Patrick provides fifteen practice transition seminars throughout the country.


Dental Accounting Association

Logo - PNGThe Dental Accounting Association is a network of CPA Accounting firms located in North America focused on elevating the quality of dental practice accounting, tax reduction planning, and financial management.  Each member of the Dental Accounting Association is committed to providing the tax reduction planning services, dental practice profit improvement coaching, and benchmarking.  Particular emphasis is paid to minimizing your taxes legally by taking full advantage of the tax laws.

Each Dental Accounting Association member delivers these services on a fixed fee basis to avoid hourly billing surprises. Each member of the Dental Accounting Association is a licensed CPA firm, typically close in size to most dental practices (e.g., mostly single owners, occasionally two partner CPAs) and actively speaks to dental study clubs, dental schools and dental associations.

The Dental Accounting Association was founded by Build Your Firm.  Each participant in the Dental Association participates in the outsourced marketing program that Build Your Firm provides to many accounting firms throughout the United States.



Dental CPA Summit – Strengthening Your Niche Capabilities

Logo - PNGTo improve upon our dental practice coaching capabilities and strengthen our niche offerings, the Dental Accounting Association will be headed to San Diego immediately after tax season.  All members of the Dental Accounting Association will be in attendance sharing best practices and hearing first hand from dental industry experts on dental practice management, fraud prevention, dental practice benchmarking, profit improvement techniques and legal challenges for dental practice owners.

AAO AnnualImmediately following the Dental CPA Summit on dental practice coaching, we will attend the American Association of Orthodontists Annual from April 22nd to April 25th meeting prospective orthodontists from North America.  The trade show is expected to attract 15,000 orthodontists into the San Diego Convention Center.  The Dental Accounting Association will have a booth that will be collaboratively staffed by members of the Dental Accounting Association (all independently owned CPAs).

The Dental Accounting Association is a collaborative group of CPA Firms that are focused on tax savings, practice benchmarking and profit improvement for dentists.  Each member of the Dental Accounting Association provides fixed fees (no hourly billing) and works with the dental specialists such as:

Dental Room

Dental Practice Management Coaches

Dental Law Firms

Dental Transition Brokers

Dental Practice Real Estate 

Dental Loan Providers

In fact, our keynote speaker for the Dental CPA Summit is Patrick Wood, founder of the largest dental law firm in the United States, Wood & Delgado.  Patrick will be providing a Dental Legal Update so all Dental Accounting Association members understand the changing legal landscape for dental practice owners.


Outsourced Marketing for CPA Accountants

All members of the Dental Accounting Association are independent CPA Firms scattered throughout North America.  Each member CPA Firm works with Build Your Firm (BYF) in the Outsourced Marketing Program.  BYF has been providing Outsourced Marketing and Coaching for over twelve years and is the leader within the accounting industry for outsourced marketing and lead generation programs.   This Dental CPA Summit is the second annual in-person meeting and is supplemented by regular educational webinars throughout the year.

To learn more about BYF’s Outsourced Marketing comprehensive system, visit our Outsourced Marketing video library.  BYF’s Outsourced Marketing Program extends well beyond the dental and medical industry.

Unbundle Your Message To Attract More Leads..


Have you considered “unbundling” your marketing message to attract more leads?

Over the past ten years, many industries have begun unbundling their services into smaller bite size nuggets to generate more inquiries for their services.  Sometimes, this change is forced upon them and other times, it’s opportunistic to generate that initial discussion, which leads into multiple engagements down the road.


Unbundling has been huge for the music industry.  In the olden ages, the music industry would bundle together a batch of songs (e.g., album) and sell the bundle for higher price.  With the digital age, songs are now unbundled and purchased a la carte.  As a result, the barriers between music artists and genres has lowered thus creating over 1,000 bewildering microgenres.

In the restaurant business, have you found yourself getting sucked into ordering tapas which end up costing you more than buying one comprehensive entrée?  This is what unbundling your services can accomplish for your accounting practice.

To illustrate my point, have you considered delivering your services in the comprehensive manner that you’ve always done but also offering them in smaller pieces?  In other words, breaking a full service, comprehensive set of “we do it all” generalist message  into smaller micro websites which break the message into smaller, more meaningful  a la carte pieces.

gomze-logoIn addition to your main website which communicates you are a CPA Firm in Raleigh serving all types of businesses, have you developed micro websites which break your marketing message into smaller bite site messages which make it appear that your firm is dedicated to a certain type of client who is searching for more expertise?  Here are examples all from one accounting firm:

gomez-real-estateReal Estate Accounting – This website is designed to attract property management, real estate developers and construction firms.  It paints a picture for the prospect that we understand real estate accounting so the prospect is more inclined to call Gomez CPA.



International Tax – This website is designed to attract interest from companies outside of the US gomez-base-webdoing business in the Raleigh Durham area ranging from manufacturing, import export, to distribution businesses of all types.  It also generates leads from expatriates and local residents with more complex filing requirements (e.g., foreign bank accounts, multinationals, etc.) seeking international tax expertise.

Dental Practices – This website is designed to attract leads from pediatric dentists, orthodontists, gomez-dentaloral surgeons, and general dentistry across North Carolina.  The visual images and content are focused on dental practices who are looking for a Dental CPA Firm.




Try the best of both worlds to maximize your lead generation.  That’s right, you can position yourself as both a local generalist with the one stop shopping approach, and also break your message into smaller bite size pieces like tasty tapas.

Dental Practice Coaching for Productivity Improvements

Dental RoomThis week’s webinar series will be provided by one of the leading dental practice management consultants, Debbie Seidel-Bittke, and the focus will be on dental practice benchmarking for the hygiene department.

The educational webinar series is designed to raise the bar for dental practice coaching from a financial performance perspective.  Everything from tax minimization to managing risk to higher levels of production by pooling together information for best practice management.

Debbie and her coaching team at Dental Practice Solutions focuses on dental hygiene performance improvement.  She has written several books and been helping practices improve production for over sixteen years.  Prior to founding Dental Practice Solutions, Debbie was a professor at the University of Southern California for over twenty years.

Logo - PNGThe Dental Accounting Association is network of CPA Firms focused on improving the financial performance of dental practices in North America.  Our collective focus is minimizing taxes legally by taking advantage of the tax laws on the books and providing financial management best practices for dentists.  Collectively, our group provides dental practice benchmarking and coaching related services through our network of partners and industry experts.

All members of the Dental Accounting Association provide their service on a fixed fee basis (no hourly billing surprises) and the fees are much more reasonable.  Our CPA members focus on dental practices generating less than $2 million dollars in sales.  We also provide a new dentists program recognizing the different needs of our industry from dental school to corporate dentistry to buying their first practice.

Cost Segregation for Dental Practices

Dentist explaining x ray picture to patient

Dentist explaining x ray picture to patient

In our weekly webinar series, the Dental Accounting Association learned about enormous tax savings opportunities for dental practices by leveraging cost segregation.

The webinar thoroughly covered how most dentists have missed out on opportunities to shorten depreciation time, which in turn lowers income tax obligations for commercial real estate.  Surprisingly, the requirements to qualify were very simple and straight forward.  And the building size does not need to be large.

While cost segregation can be performed at any stage of ownership, our industry expert highlighted that it is best prior to construction for the maximum tax savings.

During the webinar, several examples were provided for dental practices with 2,000 to 5,000 square feet and the savings were shocking.  Based on our new partnership with the cost segregation leader for dentists, the Dental Accounting Association is eager to capitalize on these tax savings.

Logo - PNGThe Dental Accounting Association is a collaborative group of CPA Accounting Firms that are laser focused on tax savings for dentists.  Cost segregation will become a foundation for attaining lower taxes.  In addition, our Dental Accounting Association members provide benchmarking and dental practice coaching services designed to improve financial performance.  Each member of the Dental Accounting Association provides fixed fee services (no hourly billing) and works with all types of dentists.

Visit the Dental Accounting Association to learn who the Dental CPA Firm is in your area.

Dental CPA Webinar Series – Dental Practice Lawsuits

Dental imageFor our fourth webinar this month, the Dental Accounting Association learned about the top ten legal minefields for dentists.  Wow, it really opened our eyes.

To better educate our Dental CPA’s, Ali Oromchian was gracious enough to share insights, solutions and best practices.  Ali is one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on dental law issues.  He is a regular speaker at the American Dental Association’s Annual Conference, California Dental Association, SIROWORLD, and countless other conference, dental study groups, etc.

Topics ranged from medical malpractice to employment law to arbitration and mediation.  Thanks Ali Oromchian and HR for Health, the leading human resource for doctors.

The next Dental Accounting Association webinar will focus closer to our specialty, saving dentists taxes on real estate projects using cost segregation.

If you are a CPA Firm focused on dentists and would like to differentiate your services locally, we would like to here from you.   Contact us here.

Dental CPA’s Focused on Tax Savings

To drill even deeper on tax saving opportunities for dentists, the Dental Accounting Association is hosting a series of educational webinars ranging from dental transitions to cost segregation.  In some cases, the webinars have been designed to better protect dentists from outside creditors and lawsuits.

Logo - PNGOver the next three weeks, six webinars are scheduled to raise the bar on ways to minimize taxes, avoid dental lawsuits, and protect the practice from malpractice lawsuits from leaders within the dental industry.

The Dental Accounting Association is a collaborative group of CPA Firms that are focused on tax savings for dentists along with financial best practices ranging from dental benchmarking to dental practice coaching.  Each member of the Dental Accounting Association provides fixed fees (no hourly billing) and works with the dental specialists such as:

Dental RoomDental Law Firms

Dental Practice Insurance

Dental Practice Cost Segregation

Dental Practice Management Coaches

Dental Loan Providers

Visit the Dental Accounting Association to learn who the Dental CPA Firm who you should contact.

Dental Practice Benchmarking – Dental Tax Coaching

Logo - PNGIn an effort to elevate dental financial management, the Dental Accounting Association will be providing a webinar on August 10th regarding financial benchmarking for dental practices and key performance indicators (KPI) that are critical within the dental industry by type of dental practice.

The member firms within the Dental Accounting Association are searching for opportunities to improve performance within dental practices by quantitatively measuring performance standards, cost measurements and sharing best practices.

The August 10th webinar features Dustin Shively, owner of OverWatch Dental CPA’s, which is a leading dental CPA Firm servicing dentists throughout the United States.  Prior to starting up his own dental cpa firm, Dustin worked for a leading Midwestern CPA Firm with a focus in the healthcare sector.

To build upon this webinar, the Dental Accounting Association will also have a webinar on dental practice management featuring Debbie Seidel-Bittke on August 31st.  Debbie is owner of Dental Hygiene Solutions and will share her dynamic strategies for dental practice growth through dental hygiene.

This webinar is limited to members of the Dental Accounting Association, which consists of fifteen (15) CPA Firms dedicated to raising the bar for small and medium sized dental practices.

Webinar Series for Dental Accounting Association Members

To continue providing the best financial advice for dentists, the Dental Accounting Association has scheduled a series of webinars in July and August 2016 on the following topics.  Each topic will be instructed by an industry expert.


Dental imageThe Legal Needs of a Dentist – Lifecyle of Needs from New Dentists to Exit Plans

Who’s Best at Dental Malpractice Insurance and Disability Coverage

Top 10 Legal Minefields to Avoid for Dentists

Dental Benchmarking and KPI’s – Using Data to Highlight Improvement Opportunities

Dental Practice Management

Dental Lending Insights

Solutions to Lower Accounts Receivable for Dentists

Success Guide for New Dental Residents and Dental Students

Exit Planning for Dentists

Protecting Dental Practices from Creditors

Real Estate Strategies for Dentists

Equipment Purchasing Options for Dentists


Dental Accounting Association logoIf your accounting firm has over twenty (20) dental clients and are serious about your dental expertise, visit the Dental Accounting Association website.  Our association is comprised of CPA Firms who are genuinely focused on dentists of all types and want to raise your expertise.