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Great Practices Article in CPA Practice Advisor

Meilinger imageThe CPA Practice Advisor just published an article in their Great Practices section on Meilinger Consulting, P.C.  Well worth reading this short article.

Mike Meilinger, CPA is the owner and article illustrates how he managed to carve out a niche for himself.  In fact, he sold his interest in the original tax and accounting practice to focus on his passion.

Mike has been a long standing client of Build Your Firm so it was nice to see him get this recognition for the wonderful practice he has created.  His practice today focuses mostly on forensic accounting, litigation support and business valuations.




Lower Write Offs!! Get Total Control Over AR…

BizPayO - Lower ARThe relationship between the professional service provider and client is built on trust, respect and timeliness, yet many CPAs and tax accountants have a difficult time asking for and receiving payment for their own services?

In most professional service relationships, the service provider will obtain 30% – 50% at the onset of the engagement.  Unfortunately, accountants get paid after the services are delivered and apprehensive to demand prompt payment.

To lower write offs and get total control over Accounts Receivable, most accountants are now demanding full payment before electronically filing the returns and offering a broader range of payment options.  BizPayO was designed to dramatically lower Accounts Receivable and help accountants get paid much faster.  Learn more at

Also, the cost savings tool helps you quantify the bank processing fees.

BizPayO was originally designed for accountants but is now available to all types of businesses.  The app can be used by any type of small business.

Website Design for Accounting Firms – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Build Your Firm designs websites for ALL types of accounting firms.  These websites are search engine optimized, responsive, and loaded with tools that help accountants operate more efficiently.  We even support these websites with pay per click advertising, retargeting advertising, blogs and reputation management tools to help you generate more leads.

To back up our powerful web design capabilities, we offer a one year return-on-investment (ROI) guarantee so you can be aggressive marketing your practice without the risk.  Nobody else in the accounting industry offers a money back guarantee.

Our money back guarantee covers all hosting fees, set up fees, blog costs, plus marketing management fees.  The more aggressive you are, the more we guarantee.  The money back guarantee is on our Platinum level websites.  If you are serious about lead generation, Build Your Firm offers the best approach and guarantees results.

To learn more about how BYF can help you market your accounting practice more effectively, simply request our free information kit.  

Watch our video at

CPA Accountants for AgriBusiness – Farms, Nurseries and Ag Coops

Farm AcctgWhile farmers are typically a family business like most businesses, accounting for farms is actually complex.  The methods of accounting are diverse, tax subsidies and credits plentiful, depreciation decisions are significant, and making the proper business decisions are critical.

Gatlin CPA works with farms and agricultural business owners throughout the Midwest to stay compliant while taking advantage of all available tax strategies, subsidies and credits.  They work with:

Farm Acctg3- Dairy Farms

- Crop Farms

- Organic Farms

- Livestock and Poultry Farms

- Agricultural Cooperatives

- Warehousing and Equipment Suppliers

- Nurseries

If you’d like to acquire more agribusiness clients, give us a call.

Responsive Web Design for Accountants – Guaranteed ROI

ROI GuaranteeBuild Your Firm would like to help accountants put their best foot forward with a new “responsive” website.  We now offer a 1 year money back guarantee on Platinum level websites.  Simply said, you will acquire more new business over one year than your investment.

Our money back guarantee is explained in this video.

To see examples of our websites, visit our website gallery.


Google’s New Algorithm – Tuesday, April 21st

On Tuesday April 21st, Google is launching a new algorithm which will reward websites that are mobile friendly.  Surprisingly, many accounting firm websites are designed for desktop computers and have not taken this extra step.

All Build Your Firm accounting websites have provided a mobile friendly option since 2013.  If you have a BYF website, you are compliant.

For those that only have a desktop only website, our suggestion is to migrate into a “responsive” web design as this will be the next hurdle to cross.

By all means, we realize that you have more tax returns on extension so worrying about Google is not top priority.  However, we would welcome the opportunity to help you acquire more leads from the internet and comply with Google’s demands so your website is easy to locate online.  Our 2015 websites will focus on responsive design. BYF started providing responsive designs in 2014.

The massive algorithm change next week is much larger than past Google algorithm changes like Panda and Penguin.


What is Google’s Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon3On April 21st, Google will be launching their newest website algorithm with an emphasis on mobile-friendly websites.  In other words, they are telegraphing this algorithm change which is not their norm.

Simply said, Google will support websites that have a mobile website option for mobile viewing, while concealing websites that are “non-mobile-friendly.”  In other words, if your website does not have a mobile website option for smart phone viewers, your website traffic will get clobbered.

Here is our guidance to accounting firm owners:

  • Now is the time to take one extra step ahead of Google’s shot across the bow.  Google ultimately wants you to adopt responsive web design so your website is easy to index and display for them.  They have formally stated that responsive design is the new industry standard which is more than a hint that having a mobile alternative is not the end goal.  Savvy accountants will be ordering a responsive web designed website immediately after tax season.
  •  Early adopters will be rewarded.  The engineers at Google will find a way to incent website owners using responsive web design.  They won’t broadcast it but they will reward early adopters with higher placement and more website traffic.

Build Your Firm’s stance:

  • Mobile friendly – All of BYF’s websites exceed the Google requirement of a mobile alternative on April 21st.
  • Responsive Web Design – BYF launched responsive web design in 2014 and is going much further in 2015.  While you were in tax season, we overhauled our website production system so ALL new websites designed will be “responsive”.
  • Free Web Redesign – If you have a BYF website and it is older than three (3) years old, we would like to provide you with a free face lift at our expense so you are even more “responsive” going forward.  Simply contact us.  If your website is not three (3) years old but want to be an early adopter of responsive, call us and we will provide a reasonable quote to design a responsive website for you.
  • Accountants without a mobile option – We welcome the opportunity to help you exceed Google’s expectations and help you generate more leads from the internet with a search engine optimized website for accountants.  We don’t charge extra for search engine optimization, like everyone else, and excel at helping you put your best foot forward.

To provide you with a different context, many large companies do not yet have a mobile alternative.  I would suspect that many large accounting firms have not yet dealt with this issue too.  And extremely few regional accounting firms have adopted responsive web design, which is what Google is advocating.  So, this algorithm change will provide an opportunity for early adopters at the expense of followers for a temporary period of time.



Real Estate Accounting – REITs – Property Management – Investor Groups

To help real estate businesses receive a higher level of expertise, Morey & Associates, CPA has unbundled their specialty services into a la carte services.

Target Segments of Real Estate Industry 

Morey - REITsReal Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Property Management Companies

Real Estate Investor Groups

Real Estate Developers

Agents, Brokers and Agencies

Morey - Real Estate Accounting

Types of Services Provided

Outsourced CFO Controller

Tax Planning and Compliance


Morey - Out CFOConsulting

IRS Tax Audit Resolution


Call Jerry Morey, CPA at 949-485-2011 for your free initial consult.


Real Estate CPA Accountants – Southern California


CPA Accounting for Churches – Parochial Schools – Faith Colleges

Gatlin - Church Acctg

Gatlin CPA has been servicing the needs of faith-based organizations for decades.  However, they now want to service the needs of religious organizations all over the United States because this sector is often overlooked by larger CPA Firms.  As part of this outreach, Gatlin CPA is now seeking to service religious organizations across the country and service them by the type of service they truly need.


In 2015, Gatlin CPA will seek to create specialty areas to better meet the needs religious organizations.

Outsourced CFO and Controller Services – Independent financial guidance along with tighter internal controls is key to every well run organization.  For a fraction of the cost of hiring a in-house CFO, religious organizations can now outsource this function to a firm that does this for many religious groups.


Accounting for Colleges, Universities and Parochial Schools – Cost effective accounting for all types of educational services.

Gatlin - Schools

Church Accounting – Financial reporting and regulatory scrutiny are key to religious organizations of all types.

Non-Profit Tax Compliance – Federal, state and local reporting requirements can be complex in order to retain your non-profit status.

Clergy Taxes – We provide income tax filing for clergy, pastors and ministers of all types.

Gatlin CPA has been servicing religious organizations for over twenty five years.  Harold Gatlin CPA CGMA is a product of a faith based family and has a sibling with long tenured service in the ministry.  To discuss your situation, call 219-462-7544 and ask for Harold.


Cross Border Income Tax Services

Are you searching for cross border tax preparation services?

Whether you are a Canadian citizen working in the United States or a U.S. citizen living in Canada, this firm is worth considering.

  • Expatriate tax preparation
  • Cross Border taxes
  • Reporting on Foreign Trusts

Cross Border Tax