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New Dental Accounting Association –

Dental Accounting Association logoFor CPA Firms interested in dental practice accounting, there is a new association called Dental Accounting Association.

The association consists of dental accountants in North America focusing on all types of dentists:

– General practice dentistry

– Pediatric dentistry

– Orthdontists

– Oral Surgeons

– Periodontists, Endodontists, etc.

For more information, visit

CPA Accounting Firms for Dairy Farms

In uncertain economic times, every advantage counts.

That’s why savvy farmers are searching to work with CPA Firms that specialize within the dairy farm industry ensuring they get the Farm Acctg2best possible tax advice rather than continuing to work with a nearby CPA Firm.  With cloud computing and legislative changes, it pays to align yourself with the best regional CPA Firm that focuses on dairy farm accounting rather than working with a local yocal.

Here are two regional CPA Firms that truly understand farm accounting.

  1. Dairy Farm Accounting in Midwest– Gatlin CPA Group is a regional CPA Firm that works with crop farms, dairy farms, livestock farms, organic farms and nurseries across the Midwestern region.  To learn more, call 219-462-7544 and ask for Harold Gatlin.


  1. Dairy Farm Accounting in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas– McKinnon Patten CPA is a regional CPA Firm that understands the complexity of operating a family farm, particularly in a soft oil market.  They work with dairy farms, Dairy Farm Acctg - McKorganic farms, cattle ranches and crop farms.  At the same time, they also specialize in oil in gas accounting which is key to operating a family farm in the southwest region.  They have operated for over 40 years.  To learn more, simply call 214-696-1922 and ask for Mark Patten.


Hotel Accounting Services

Hotel Acctg - RoeThe hospitality industry is constantly juggling seasonal trends, inventory management, and operating costs in order to stay profitable and ahead of the competitive pack.  To help them make better decisions, operate efficiently, minimize taxes and avoid compliance issues, the savvy hospitality business owners align themselves with CPA Firms that specialize in the hotel industry rather than selecting a CPA Firm nearby.  With today’s technology, specialized advice trumps location when it comes choosing the right CPA Firm for your business.

Here are several CPA Firms that specialize in the hospitality industry and work with all types of hotels, resorts and lodging businesses. Hotel Acctg - Gatlin

  1. Hotel CPA Accounting in Midwest– Gatlin CPA Group works with hospitality businesses in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and other midwestern states.  Their clients include hotels, golf clubs and various lodging providers.
  1. Hotel CPA Accounting in Georgia– Roe CPA works with hotels, restaurants and golf clubs throughout Georgia and understands the needs and demands for various hospitality formats.  In some cases, a focus on internal controls is key and others need to focus on operating costs.
  2. CPA Accounting for Hotels and Restaurants in Long Island NY– James Castaldo CPA & Associates works with restaurants, bars, brew pubs and hotels across Long Island.  They understand the need to limit costs, minimize compliance issues, and financial reporting requirements to help your business operate more competitively.
  3. Hotel CPA Accounting in California– MW Orlando CPA works with hotels, restaurants and various lodging businesses throughout Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles.


High-Net-Worth Accounting and Family Office Services

Feinsot HNWHelping High-Net-Worth individuals and entrepreneurs realize their family financial goals requires a multidisciplinary approach and is more complex than most people realize.

Mark E. Feinsot, CPA is a boutique accounting and tax firm that specializes in working with high-net-worth individuals, multi-generational families, professional athletes and entertainers. His firm offers a personalized service and is the opposite of large banks and large wealth management companies. They provide independent and objective solutions without the red tape of larger institutions.

BoatingMark’s background and personality are not what you’d expect from an accountant. For example, Mark was a research physicist and then a commercial pilot before becoming a CPA. In his spare time, he trains pilots how to fly and is the trustee of a private philanthropic foundation.

If you are searching for a personable CPA that enjoys the complexity of working with high-net-worth families and individuals, call 212-631-0320 and ask for Mark Feinsot.


Mark E. Feinsot, CPA is a High-Net-Worth CPA firm based in New York City.  They have two offices in Midtown Manhattan for local clients.  They also work with clients all over the United States to service his Aviation Accounting niche which caters to Private Plane owners, Aircraft Management companies, and flying enthusiasts.

Setting Up Your Business in the United States

United StatesWhile most local accounting firms can help you with setting up your business locally, very few actually turn this into a specialty and take it to the next level.

Businesses currently located outside the U.S.  that want to do business in the United States face a mountain of issues for themselves and key employees.  To make this process simpler, some accounting firms have turned this into a boutique type of service extending way beyond the normal call of duty.

First, it helps to be bilingual and have an experienced team that has assisted businesses migrate into the United States. And for the legal aspects, providing recommendations on the best immigration law firm for your particular circumstances.

Here are two firms that have turned this into a concierge type service.

Delerme - Intl Tax2Set Up Business in Atlanta Georgia – Delerme CPA has helped many businesses migrate from South America, Central America and the Carribean set up shop in Atlanta legally.  To assist with the immigration process, they have several immigration attorneys to recommend based on your unique situation.

With the recent financial crisis in Puerto Rico, Delerme is uniquely suited because the owner, Victor Delerme, is licensed to operate in United States and Puerto Rico.

Delerme CPA staff is fluent in Spanish and English and is skilled in International Taxation and Expatriate Taxation as well.


Intl Tax - ChahalSet Up Business in California – Chahal & Associates has helped many businesses migrate from Asia, Australia, India, Indonesia and Philippines set up business and ultimately migrate to California.  To assist with the immigration process, they have several immigration attorneys to recommend based on your unique situation.

Chahal & Associates is fluent in nine (9) languages and is skilled in International Taxation and Resident and Non-Resident Alien Tax Services as well.


Why Your Church Should Hire a CPA Firm

One of the best way’s for your church to retain the trust of the community is to hire an independent CPA Firm to audit your books, provide a system for internal controls and retain compliance with generally accepted accounting practices.

Here are a few reasons why your church and/or faith-based ministry should hire a CPA to oversee your financial situation.

  1. Internal Controls – CPA Firms that are accustomed to working with churches and ministries will help you institute better controls on the inflow and outflow of funds and protect against fraud. A periodic review of your internal processes will dramatically reduce the risk of fraud and mismanagement of funds.
  2. Improves financing options – A periodic audit or review dramatically increases the probability of obtaining a loan. In fact, it’s often a requirement for obtaining a loan.  In the long run, having an annual audit will save your church money should you ever need to borrow money.
  3. Better decisions – The Board will be in a better position to make the best business decisions if the financial statements are based on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Church AcctgWhen most of us are sick, we go to a doctor.  And when a legal issue arises, we consult with an attorney.  The same principal applies to accounting and tax matters, you should contact a CPA Firm that specializes in accounting for faith-based organizations.  And while the average church or faith-based organization can’t outsource most of the accounting function, they can work with a CPA Firm for the aspects that are most important and critical.

Regardless of size, your church or ministry handles someone else’s money and should be transparent on how it is used.  Below are several CPA Firms that specialize in church accounting and work with faith-based organizations.

CPA Accountants for Churches and Faith-Based Schools – Gatlin CPA Firm works with churches, religious groups, parochial schools and faith-based colleges throughout the Midwest.  The founder has spoken to entire congregations and church boards over the decades and is from a faith based family.

Church Acctg2CPA Accounting for Churches and Pastors – Curtis Johnson CPA works with churches, religious groups and pastors throughout the southeast.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Experts

Fortunately, finding an accountant who embraces QuickBooks and is a Certified ProAdvisor is becoming easier and easier.

QB ProOver the past decade, many accountants have grumbled about QuickBooks as a software tool and how easy it is for a small business owner to make a mess.

Here are several QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors that we recommend.

QuickBooks Certified Pros – Chicago – Oak Brook – Orland Park – Michael Kimmey & Associates works with small business owners throughout Chicagoland with convenient office locations in Oak Brook and Orland Park.  This firm has operated for over fourty years.


QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors – Baltimore CPA – Inner Harbor – Graber & Associates works with small business owners throughout Baltimore using QuickBooks and guiding them to lower their tax obligations.  They have convenient locations in Inner Harbor and Pikesville.

QB3QuickBooks Certified Pros – Tampa Bay – Clearwater FL – Tampa Bay CPA specializes in QuickBooks Accounting.  They are Certified Pros and provide convenient offices in Tampa and Clearwater.

QuickBooks Certified Pros – East Bay – Emeryville – Oakland – San Rafael – Chahal & Associates specializes in QuickBooks Accounting to better service the entire San Francisco Bay area.  They provide convenient offices in Emeryville, San Rafael and Pinole.

QuickBooks Certified Pros – Colorado Springs – Denver CO – Gheen & Company CPA specializes in QuickBooks Accounting with convenient offices in Denver and Colorado Springs.

QB4QuickBooks Certified Pros – New York City – Mark Feinsot CPA specializes in QuickBooks Accounting and provides two convenient office locations in midtown Manhattan.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor – Houston CPA Accountants – Mike Manoloff CPA provides QuickBooks Accounting services to all types of businesses in Houston.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor – Long Island CPA accountants – James Castaldo & Associates provides QuickBooks Accounting services to all types of businesses in Nassau and Suffolk County.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor – New Jersey CPA accountants – Frank Kapitza CPA & Associates provides QuickBooks Accounting services in New Jersey from three convenient office locations.




Real Estate Accounting – Making a Come Back…

Real Estate - MoreyFinding a CPA Firm that specializes in real estate accounting is getting easier.  Over the past couple of years, low interest rates has helped the real estate sector slowly dig out of a deep pit.  And as more property management and real estate businesses prosper, CPA Firms are starting to support this sector as well with specialized services.

Real Estate CPA Accounting – Los Angeles – Orange County – Morey & Associates works with property management, real estate investment trusts, and commercial developers on real estate projects.  Their real estate specialty enables real estate businesses to obtain a higher level of expertise and a genuine business partner who understands the industry.

Real Estate CPA Accounting – FloridaReal Estate - PJ – Peter Freuler CPA works with property management, non-resident property owners, and real estate companies throughout Florida providing tax advisory and accounting services.




Real Estate - HOAHomeowner Association Audits and Condo Associations – Keystone Accounting Solutions in Kentucky provides CPA Accounting and Tax services to Homeowner Associations, Condo Boards, Co-ops, and Townhomes.

Real Estate Accounting and Tax – Baltimore MD – Thomas Palm PA works with property management, commercial developers, and real estate investor groups making tax and accounting simple.

Real Estate CPA Accounting – Atlanta GA – Roe CPA works with property management, real estate investors, and hotel properties throughout Atlanta.



Accounting for Retail Businesses – Often Overlooked

Liquor StoresProviding tax, accounting and payroll services to retail businesses would seldom appear to be a niche service.  However, it is because very few accounting firms specialize in retail accounting.

In the San Francisco Bay area, Chahal & Associates has aggressively targeted the retail sector and found gold in the hills of Napa, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.  Typically, accounting firms avoid gas stations, convenience stores, and liquor stores but Chahal & Associates is carving out an attractive niche.

Targeting a sector aggressively clearly has it’s benefits.


CPA Accounting for Dentists – Becoming More Attractive

As the medical practice industry is going through the pains of consolidation and transition, dental accounting is looking more attractive to many CPA Accounting Firms.  That’s right, the dental industry is steady, profitable and not suffering from the effects of medical insurance reform.  And, many dentists are sole practitioners so decision making on key financial decisions is far simpler.

Conversely, dentists are capitalizing on cloud computing and technology to improve their practice operations.  The next evolution is to work with specialized dental practice providers for accounting, legal and practice management advice.

Dental Practive AcctgBelow are CPA Accounting Firms that are ahead of the curve and specializing in dental accounting.

1. Dental Practice Accounting in Orland0 FL – Peter J Freuler CPA works with dentists of all types throughout Orlando and Central Florida.  His firm has been focused on dentists and oral surgeons for many years now.  They also have a specialty in real estate accounting which dovetails nicely with dental practitioners.


Dental Practice3



2. Dental Practice CPA Accounting in New York City – Mark Feinsot CPA grew up in a dental household as his dad was a dentist.  Mark’s interest were more technical in nature as he was originally interested in physics and aviation before venturing into accounting.  Today, Mark has a niche in dental practice accounting and high net worth individuals.




3. Dental Practice Accounting – Orange County CA – Morey & Associates works with dentists throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.  They also have a niche in real estate accounting, which supports his dental practice clients nicely.

4. Dental Practice Accounting – Denver – Colorado Springs CO – Gheen & Co CPA work with dentists throughout Colorado.

5. Dental Practice CPA Accountant – Tampa – Naples FL – Tampa Bay CPA works with dentists on the West Coast of Florida.

6.  Dental Practice CPA Accountant – Chicago – 1st Chicago Accounting work with dentists through Chicago.

Dental Practice57.  Dental Practice CPA Firm – Houston Texas – Mike Manoloff PC works with dentists throughout Houston, Austin and San Antonio.



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