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Website Development for Tax Accountants

If you are like many other tax accountants, now is the time to revamp your marketing program for the upcoming busy season.  With the rapidly changing world of internet marketing, there are many new developments that should be incorporated into your marketing arsenal.  Here are some suggestions:

a.) Accounting Marketing Program – Take an educational program to modernize your approach to lead generation, marketing and growing your practice.

b.) Attend some marketing webinars – This is a baby step but can be beneficial.

Below are several tax accountants that have updated their online marketing to generate more business in the months ahead.

Tax and Accounting Firm

Tax Group International – US and International Tax Services

Back Tax Work – State Back Taxes and IRS Back Taxes

IRS Tax Problem Resolution – Offers in Compromise

Tax Specialist – Bookkeeping and Taxes

Best Bookkeeping Company – Registered Tax Preparers

Payroll for Small Businesses

Restaurant and Bar Accounting – Accounting and Tax

Tax and Accounting – Enrolled Agent

Church Accounting – Non-Profit Accounting – Detroit MI

Real Estate Accounting – Construction Accounting – Enrolled Agent

There are tons of opportunities to update your marketing for the busy season ahead.

Avoid Being The Square Peg in a Round Hole!!

As we all know, each practice in the accounting industry is unique.  Some are attest oriented while others are tax focused.  Some like QuickBooks while others hate QuickBooks. Some are operated by a sole practitioners while others have many partners and staff members.  That’s why it is so important to have a website which is customized around the type of accounting practice that you have.

At Build Your Firm, we customize websites around the type of practice that you have and don’t squeeze you into a design that does not meet your needs.  Below are some examples of how unique our industry is:

Bookkeeping Firm in Santa Cruz, CA

Tax Practice in Baltimore MD

Outsourced Payroll Provider – Chicago

Non-Profit Accounting – Washington DC

CPA Firm with 13 Office Locations – Phoenix CPA

As you can see from the range of firms above, the content that we write for a CPA Firm with 13 office locations is extremely different that a Payroll Provider and/or a Bookkeeping Firm.  That’s why we customize the website that we design around the type of practice you have rather than throw you into a cookie cutter template loaded with tools and features which you don’t want.

Let us customize a pretty website around your unique practice and bring your practice to life.  Check out how we design websites by the type of practice you have.

Stop accepting the school uniform and show off your individuality.

Want More QuickBooks Clients??

Over  past ten years, we’ve seen a huge shift away from traditional write-up over towards QuickBooks.  That’s right, the traditional shoe box type client has become more technologically savvy and is more willing to reconcile their checkbook, code the checks properly, and send their file electronically to their accountant for review, and corrections.  By all means, I’m not saying that shoe box clients are extinct, they still exist but the frequency has declined rapidly as small business owners have adopted today’s computer and online world.

If you’d like to acquire more QuickBooks review clients, here are some suggestions:

a.) Consider attending an Accounting Marketing Program which provides you with step-by-step instruction on how to market, price and close these type of clients.

b.) Order a website which demonstrates that your firm accepts businesses which use QuickBooks.  Yes, there are many accountants who still hate QuickBooks and are not apprehensive to scare these type of clients away.  See examples at bottom of article.

c.) Become a Certified Pro in several ways to demonstrate that you embrace business owners who use this software.  Granted, becoming “certified” by Intuit is not a test of proficiency, it’s a badge that you wear to attract more clients.

d.) Elevate your listing within Intuit’s Find-a-ProAdvisor directory by obtaining more Intuit QB Pro - Luke Gcertifications, completing your profile fully, and obtaining many reviews.

If you want to grow aggressively, you need to do more than stick your toe in the water.  It’s time to put your mouth onto the end of the fire hose and do a ten count.  Ok, just kidding but you get my point.

Here are some examples of accountants who are embracing QuickBooks and following a holistic process to acquire more QB clients.  In each case, the accountant has elected to dedicate a website to this target audience, even though they have another website which positions them as more of a generalist, jack of all trades firm.  Net, nobody is restricting you to just one website.

Salt Lake City QuickBooks firm

San Diego QuickBooks accountant

QuickBooks Accountant in Orlando

QuickBooks Accountant in Fort Worth

QuickBooks Accounting in Detroit

QuickBooks Accountant in Colorado Springs CO

Stop trying to swim against the current.  If you want younger business owners as clients, it’s time to swallow the QB pill.

Marketing Your Litigation Support Services

Traditionally, Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting services were marketing strictly by word of mouth and reputation based.  In other words, the primary way to grow this segment of the practice was to network with attorneys and build a stellar reputation gradually over time.  However, as attorneys have become more adept at using search engines to research online, they have discovered that there may be more options out there for outsourcing litigation support and forensic accounting work.

Here are some examples of CPA firms effectively using internet marketing to generate more Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting engagements.

Jacksonville Litigation Support – Forensic Accounting – Business Valuations

South Carolina Litigation Support – Divorce Accounting – Business Valuations

Forensic Accounting – Litigation Support – South Florida

Business Valuations – Litigation Support – California

White Collar Crime – Expert Witness – Litigation Support – Forensic Accounting – Total US

If there is a niche which you’d like to develop in your practice, let us bring it to life for you.

AccountingWEB article on Niche Marketing for Accountants

Below is an interesting article on how a Baltimore accounting firm is capitalizing on the internet and social media. The practice is a Father and Son accounting firm that has been operating since 1973.  The son has done a great job taking this practice to the next plateau.

Defense Contracting Compliance (aka – DCAA)

While many parts of our Federal Government are temporarily shut down, there are other parts of the government that proceed as usual like our military and defense departments.

One unique niche service that has generated more interest is Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).  Essentially, there are accounting firms helping private companies who have contracts/subcontracts with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).  Essentially, these contractors and subcontractors need to comply with DCAA Cost Accounting Standards and must be standardized.  For prospective companies who are seeking to bid on contracts, it often helps to incorporate this into your bids.

Below are several accounting firms that we’ve helped bring this niche to life:

If you were a small contractor seeking to close a deal with the US Government, wouldn’t you want some to guidance to overcome the endless layers of red tape??