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Signs of Economic Growth

As the U.S. economy continues to show some signs of steady growth, we are seeing evidence ourselves in the selection of niche development for accounting firms.  For example, we are seeing some accounting firms stepping back into the real estate and construction accounting sectors.  By all means, the last five years have been devastating to new construction and real estate but year-to-date signals have encouraged several accounting firms to jump back into attracting these sectors again.

Real Estate Accounting websites

The second sector which signals some optimism is restaurant accounting.  We’ve recently been approached by a several CPA firms that want to attract more restaurants and hospitality related clients now that the economy appears to be improving steadily.

Restaurant Accounting websites

Over the past five years, we’ve all noticed the increased demand for IRS Representation and Back Tax Work.   While demand for tax resolution work will linger, we can’t help but notice some signs of optimism.

In the months ahead, demand for niche websites in the following areas would demonstrate further signs of economic growth:

Wineries                                              Manufacturing

Car Dealerships                                 AgriBusiness/Farms/Growers

If you have a new idea for a niche accounting service, let us know.  We’d love to help you attract more clients for a particular service which will ultimately improve the mix of business clients in your practice.


New Examples for Improving Lead Generation Quality

Over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many accounting firms that are using niche websites to generate leads from certain types of clients to improve the quality of their lead generation, and clientele.  In each case, the website was designed to attract a certain type of client even though they represent a very small percentage of the general population.  Or said another way, they asked BYF to design a niche website while maintaining their existing website to get the best of both worlds.  Here are several recent examples:

Pet Accounting services for Kennels, Vets and Pet Related Service Businesses

Accounting and Tax Services for Horse Owners, Breeders, Stables and Equine Businesses

Accounting Services for Real Estate Property Management, Agents and Brokers

Restaurant Accounting – Hospitality Accounting

Hedge Fund Accounting and Administration

Back Taxes – Relief from Back Tax Problems

Divorce Accounting and Litigation Support

International Tax – Fluent in Spanish and English

Each of these niche websites makes it easier to generate more of the leads you desperately want.  In some firms, they want to attract higher annual fee engagements such as restaurants, international tax, and forensic accounting engagements.  In others, it’s about attracting clients who are passionate about pets and/or horses.  In others, it’s about leveraging your background and advanced knowledge for a particular industry like hedge funds, real estate and back tax work.

Regardless of your strategy, Build Your Firm can help you capitalize on the internet to improve the quality of your accounting practice.  Learn how to “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

For a full range of niche accounting websites, below are two links to see examples of what we can do for you:

Examples of Niche Websites by Industry Serviced

Examples of Niche Websites by Type of Service