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Influence Your Accounting Firm’s Reputation – – Locally

On a local level, there are many ways to influence the reputation of your accounting firm locally.  One simple way to proactively influence your local reputation is securing reviews from existing clients of yours and getting them posted online so others can read them.  Yes, it’s requires effort but many prospects are searching for accounting firms that have been recommended as part of their decision making process.  And if you have zero reviews posted online, they will go towards the other accounting firms that do have reviews posted online.

In the olden days, prospects would ask for references or want to read favorable reviews on your website.  With review websites galore, they are more apt to search for independent review websites because these are likely to have negative reviews rather than one sided reviews.  In fact, they expect your accounting firm to have reviews posted online.

Yes, there are many places that prospective clients will search for reviews like Yelp, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Insider Pages, CitySearch, Kudzu and others.  If you currently have very few reviews posted online, I recommend that you start with LinkedIn and Yelp.  After you’ve been successful getting a few posted, expand your efforts to Google and Bing.

We’ve all gotten comfortable using reviews about books sold on Amazon, seller ratings in eBay, and reviews on places to visit on vacation like best activities, restaurants and interesting places to see.  These reviews are from total strangers but help us make more informed decisions and reduce the potential for an unpleasant experience.  It’s time for you to proactively manage your reputation by securing reviews from existing clients of yours and getting them posted onto popular review websites.

You can influence your local reputation if you take proactive steps.  Don’t be a train wreck by waiting for the first review to be a complaint about your firm.